Rise of Kingdoms ‘Egyptians’ By againstallodds

Rise of Kingdoms ‘Egyptians’

By againstallodds

Directed by againstallodds, their 2nd trailer for Rise of Kingdoms, introduces a new Egyptian civilisation to the game.
Realised in stylised CG animation, the film uses the established characters and designs from the game and brings them to life in an epic CG cinematic short.
Heroing the renowned leader Cleopatra and her fight to rebuild Egypt with the help from the resurrected Thutmose III.

Director againstallodds
Client Lilith
Head of Production Mike Turoff
Producer Megan Plane
Production Coordinators Soulla Josephides
Production Assistant Violeta Fellay
CG Supervisor David Watson
Art Direction Samuel Klughertz
Crew Alex Holman
Logo - Miguel Jacob, Alan Person, David Burtle
Kingsley Bailey, Tim King, David Burtle
Marco Hakenjos, Mattias Bjurstorm, Antoine Lienard
Raquel Ribeiro, Panos Pallaris, Florent Rousseau
Eva De Prado, Irina Nguywn, Clara Lorente
Victor Vinyals, Melina Mandon, Alan Person,
David Burtle, Francisco Garcia, Nora Serrano
Tyler Daniells, Farido Guzzo, Jayson King,
Darlene Buttner, Luigi Salemme. Daniel Churchlow,
Hugo Meheust, Panos Pallaris, Paulin Cointot,
Jose Hernandez, David Watson, Chara Souttou
Eric Venti, Fabio Nunes, Isabela Ferrari
Mattescpaes Studio, Igor Piwowarczyk