Rise of Kingdoms ‘The Vikings are here!’ By againstallodds

Rise of Kingdoms ‘The Vikings are here!’

By againstallodds

The new trailer for the real-time strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms, introduces the warriors of the North, the Vikings. Directed by againstallodds, the film features the Viking leader, Ragnar, giving an epic speech preparing for war, readying his sword and stepping out to face his army while snow swirls around. Realised in stylised CG animation, the film uses the established characters and designs from the game and brings them into an epic cinematic short.

Director againstallodds
Client Lilith Games
Writer Joseph Morpurgo
Executive Producer Lucie Friar
Head of Production Mike Turoff
Producer Adriana Piasek-Wanski & Xavier Questel
New Business Producer Paige Sullivan
CG Coordinators Suz Forward
Head of CG Jason Nicholas
VFX Supervisor Dave Walker
Art Direction Christian Mills, Sam Klughertz
Character Design againstallodds
Concept Art Reuben Mcnaughton, Romain Thirion
Storyboard againstallodds
Passion Pipeline TD Sajjad Amjad
IT Support/ Engineering team Tim Wharton, Dan Borg, Thomas Lynch
Finance & Accounting Rob Stannett, Kendrah Matthews, Ben Davies, Grant Harris, Famia Khalique