Mali Magic By Axel Digoix

Mali Magic

By Axel Digoix

In an effort to bolster its cultural tool and portfolio, Google Arts & Culture is developing a page dedicated to Mali, with a mixed media film directed by Passion Paris’ Axel Digoix.

Through this film which follows the world renowned and emblematic Ali Farka Touré and his famous taxi-bike, we get to journey across Mali traveling to the sounds of Touré’s song ‘Howkouna‘.

Performed by more than 10 different musicians throughout Mali, the music of the film becomes a trail of breadcrumbs, guiding us in through the wonders of the country.

By choosing to produce this film in mixed media, Google Arts & Culture gave Axel Digoix free reign to work his magic by putting together a super colorful artistic direction. The animation is peppered throughout the different live action sequences, and creates a poetic atmosphere where music, film and animation come together in perfect harmony.

Axel Digoix had already directed two video clips in 2D for the Malian group Tinariwen, so this new project came as a natural continuation for him, as well as an exciting challenge which he embraced with passion.

At the end of this journey of discovery, by Ali Farka Touré’s side, we can’t help but feel a sense of wonder and amazement from the kaleidoscope of Mali’s culture and history. Passion Paris is proud to have supported Axel Digoix in this new project.

Director Axel Digoix