Free Fire ‘To The Max’ By Jack Antoine Charlot

Free Fire ‘To The Max’

By Jack Antoine Charlot

Passion Paris directors Jack Antoine Charlot and Valere Amirault produce an exciting 3D music video for Free Fire’s new ‘Max’ collection.

‘To the Max’ uses impressive 3D motion capture technology to produce authentic and realistic performances from the rappers, creating an enthralling experience close to what can be seen in current rap music videos.

Director Jack Antoine Charlot
Director Valere Amirault
Team Marc Bodin-Joyeuxm, Andrew Caulcutt, Isa Taoui
Emile Chaillou, Kombbo, Mehdi Alavi
Hugo Garnier, Lou Beauchard, Nathan Lilti
Mocap Lab, Rémi Brun, Nicolas Huchard
Joznez, Nyemiah Supreme, Locksmith