Juan Pablo Machado


Juan Pablo Machado is a Colombian director who fell in love with France during his studies at the Emile Cohl animation school. His graduation film ‘Rapunzel’ received rave reviews from prestigious festivals such as South Korea’s BIAF.

Since then, Juan Pablo has supervised animation on the second season of ‘Primal’, a semi-realistic action-packed French series following a caveman and his dinosaur friend set in a Jurassic world. More recently, he directed the melancholic japanim-style music video ‘Memories’ for Sandor Waïss on which he created the whole artistic direction, staging, while fully supervising the backgrounds and animation.

Currently working on the conception of a 2D fantasy series with a fresh take on classic fairy tales, Juan Pablo is definitely a well-rounded artist with a unique and bold vision, focusing his work on powerful atmospheres and refined character development.