TSHA – Running By Danaé Gosset

TSHA – Running

By Danaé Gosset

For this video Danaé used some prompt-based Artificial Intelligence technology to generate the backgrounds. She and her team then produced and layered a lot of 3D animations, footage, and illustration on top of it to make the video feel special and tailored to the song.
They then proceeded to illustrate individually all of the frames with a variety of mediums such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic, color pencils, and pastel. As a last coat, they re-generated the entire hand illustrated video through a style transfer AI program. they set it to more or less opacity in some areas of the video, to act like a digital glaze on top of it, without losing the hard labor of the handmade quality.

The story they aimed to communicate is about escaping, embracing, and surrendering to the unexpected. Pushing the metaphysical and mystical sense of the human experience, feeling that we belong from the sole exploration of our minds and into the infinity of space.
An abstract and psychedelic visual exploration of self-introspection and imagination.

Director Danaé Gosset