SKII – Miracle By Danaé Gosset

SKII – Miracle

By Danaé Gosset

Danaé invites you to dive right into her floral and dreamlike universe to unveil MIRACLE 2: “Is there a right age to start?”. Her magnificent animated pastels—a nod to Georgia O’Keeffe’s work—elegantly blend 2D and 3D animation.

Danaé first starts by creating the basis of the film in 3D, then prints it and uses watercolor or paint to illustrate each shot before scanning everything. The film is then sequenced, touched up, and color-corrected before being exported.

“I love luxury and beauty and I have been a fan of skin care products for years, so working for SK-II was a privilege and something that felt connected to who I am as a person and the work I want to put out in the future”. Danaé

Director Danaé Gosset