Migros ‘Lets Make Dreams Come True’ By Kyra & Constantin

Migros ‘Lets Make Dreams Come True’

By Kyra & Constantin

Directed by Kyra & Constantin, the adorable ‘Finn’ makes a heartwarming comeback in Migros’ newest Christmas ad, “Lets Make Dreams Come True”.  Produced by PASSION PICTURES and Stories AG in collaboration with agency, Wirz Group AH.

In this charming sequel, Finn spots a young girl who dreams of owning a telescope and he’s determined to make her wish come true. He tries everything from changing the price tag to making one from scratch to make sure she takes home her dream gift.

The magic of Finn’s world comes to life through the seamless blend of live action sequences, directed by Jake Scott and fluid CG characters and sets to beautifully craft Finn’s third enchanting story.

Director Kyra & Constantin
PASSION Studio Team Anna Cunnington, Juliette Stern, Edoardo Moruzzi
Rick Bland, Suzanne Forward, Reem Mokhtar
Matthew Jenkerson, Simon Brown, Howard Bell
Aldo Gagliardi, Kim Nguyen, Christina Conradi
Joseph Giffard Tutt, Tyler Daniells, Panos Pallaris
Idris Honnor, James Nardelli, Quentin Camus
Arthur Ranson, Colin Perrett, Wes Coman
Hannah Wahlers, Andre Bittencourt, Isabela Ferrari
Carlos Nieto, Dale Heron, Denny Cooper
Vanessa Suri, Michèle Seligmann, Monike Tenuenfeld
Luke Youngman, Dave Walker, Clementine March
Duncan Lees, Panos Pallaris, Tyler Daniells
David Sigrist, Jayson King, Andre Bittencourt
Harpinder Green, Tim King, Carlos Wolff
Maryka Laudet