League of Legends – LEC Teaser By David Pagaille

League of Legends – LEC Teaser

By David Pagaille

For the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) of Summer 2021, the LEC is putting its best foot forward with their new film teaser, directed by David Pagaille, the brand new director signed on by Passion Paris.
With a deep understanding of LEC’s brand renewal and working hand in hand with the LEC team, David and Passion Paris created a 1’10’’-long teaser in the way of anime openings to introduce the 10 teams competing in the LEC Summer edition, using references like Gurren Lagann and Mob Psycho 100.
David’s angular style and creativity with Japanese animation, as well as being totally in synch with LEC’s vision and needs fueled LEC’s confidence in him, and meant they could easily entrust him to create this opening.
Each team is showcased with unique character designs, all corresponding to their logo, brand, attitude and journey towards the championship. The film is a powerful sequence full of LoL and LEC Easter eggs as well as sleek animations in the Sakuga style: full-power action with incredible camera movements! The music is an original creation, and perfectly matches the energy and soundtrack style for this kind of opening.
A high-level team of animators, designers and compositing artists worked their hardest to create the film David envisioned.
Passion Paris is proud of their accomplishment and excited to introduce David Pagaille through such a strong and genius project. Remember his name – David is sure to become an acclaimed director!

Director David Pagaille