Free Fire ‘Lucha Libre AAA’ By Mads Broni

Free Fire ‘Lucha Libre AAA’

By Mads Broni

Mads Broni directs this explosive trailer for Garena Free Fire’s latest collaboration with Mexican wrestling company, Lucha Libre AAA. Mads takes the comic book inspired style to the next level, with impressive texture, vibrance and incredible detail in every character and fight sequence.

The trailer features great icons in Mexican wrestling, such as, La Parka, Aerostar and Lady Shani, and introduces new playable features in commemoration of Lucha Libre AAA’s 30-year anniversary.

Director Mads Broni
Client Garena Games
Writer Joseph Morpurgo
Executive Producer Lucie Friar
Producer Xavier Questel
Head of Production Mike Turoff
CG Manager Suzanne Forward
Head of CG Jason Nicholas
Creative director of Games Christian Mills
Crew Nia James, Paulin Cointot, Ronie Mitchell (Art Director)
Lap Pun Cheung (Colour script artist), Yishu Ci, Dan Lambert
Ivan Gomez, Nóthof Ferenc Attila, Anione (Jonghyun Jung and team)
Olivier Malric, Rachid Guendouze, Rudy Parfaite,
Eoin Coughlan, Thibaud Clergue, Gus Herdman (Trim)
Kingsley Bailey (internal), Tim King (internal), Andy Lamb
Mattias Bjurstrom, Farido Guzzo, Antoine Lienard
Florent Rousseau, Idris Honnor, Clara Lorente
Eva De Prado, Victor Vinyals, Melina Mandon
Aldo Gagliardi, Francisco Garcia, George Rigby,
David Burtle, Rhiannon Evans, Stuart Doig
Colin Perrett, Daniel Churchlow, Tyler Daniells,
Jayson King, Clarisse Valeix, Jose Hernandez
David Lea (Lead), Eric Venti, Carla Gharbi,
Matheus Lacava, Quentin Camus, Linus Kreamer
Will Gist, Noiseworks, Sajjad Amjad
Tim Brade, Hans Crefcoeur, Tim Wharton
Thomas Lynch, William Kirby, Dan Borg
Rob Stannett, Kendrah Matthews, Ben Davis,
Grant Harris, Famia Khalique, Agnes Walkowska