Fall Guys ‘Sunken Secrets’ By Kyra & Constantin

Fall Guys ‘Sunken Secrets’

By Kyra & Constantin

A new wormhole has opened, leading our brave explorers to an ancient city hidden beneath the waves! Who built it? And what happened to them? All we know is that it has something to do with Silent’s belt…

PASSION Games has produced the trailer for Fall Guys Season 3 ‘Sunken Secrets’. Directed by Kyra & Constantin, the animated trailer reveals a mysterious new world and gives every Bean in the Show their time to shine…or be sent flying by a wayward tentacle.

Director Kyra & Constantin
Client Mediatonic
MD/EP of Games Lucie Friar
Creative Director of Games Christian Mills
EP Katie Grayson
Producer Megan Plane
Crew Barbara Florido, Matthew Jenkerson, Hannah Binney
Jason Nicholas, Howard Bell, Ferran Casas
Alex Holman, Sam Nassour, Samuel Klughertz,
Lina Li, Kim Nguyen, Eoin Coughlan
Christina Conradi, Tim King, Andy Lamb
Florent Rosseasu, Michael Hoeft, Idris Honor,
Mattias Bjurstrom, Ian Brown, Aurelie Fiore,
Clara Lorente, Eva Prado, Melina Mandon,
Victor Vinyals, Lucas Pratdesaba, Muge Berkay
Colin Perrett, Darlene Buttner, Antonin Derory,
Melanie Hyvert, Isabela Ferrari, Ale Borges,
Stephane Lugiery, Jakub Grygliky, Kim Nguyen,
Rachid Guendouze, Isabella Wakley, Denny Cooper
Nami Strack, Andy Wade