Chipotle ‘A Love Story’ By Saschka Unseld

Chipotle ‘A Love Story’

By Saschka Unseld

After two hugely successful animated films, “Back to the start” in 2012 and “The Scarecrow” in 2013 — Chipotle and CAA teamed up with Passion to create “A Love Story”, an ambitious animated short directed by Passion Pictures’ Saschka Unseld.
The film was a huge undertaking of over 8 months at Passion Pictures’ animation studios in London. It comprised a huge crew to bring its story to life. Saschka commented; ‘I wanted to create something that visually felt unique and different to most of the other stuff that’s out there. This had 2 sides – the first was to really be true to original designs in CG – because so often the final result is nowhere near the beauty of an original design. The second thing was to be bold with our light, colour and shading.’

Director Saschka Unseld
Client Chipotle
Agency CAA Marketing