Sony Bravia ‘Play-Doh’

BTAA 2008
BAA 2008
Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film 2008
D&AD 2008 - Stoke your Fires 2008
Annecy 2008
Animafest 2008
Cannes Lions 2008
Ottawa Int. Animation Festival 08
Anima Mundi 2008
Bradford Animation Festival 08
BTA Craft Awards 2008


Darren Walsh


Sony Bravia



This iconic BRAVIA advert was made using stop frame animation. Over a period of three weeks, 40 animators were responsible for 189 2ft bunnies, 150 1ft cubes, a 30ft giant rabbit and a 10ft x 20ft purple wave – all made from 2.5 tonnes of plasticine. Never before had so many animators worked together on the same scene.