Joël Durand


Joël Durand is a drawing artist who likes to carry out his work in various mediums. He studied animation at the Gobelins, during which he made several short films, including the outstanding Hors De l’Eau. At the end of his studies, he became a director, illustrator and … tattoo artist!

Nevertheless, animation remains Joel’s first love, and in 2020 he directed a music video full of emotion for the title song ‘No Time’ by Lastlings.

More recently, Joel directed a trailer for the video game Endling – Extinction is forever. The very distinctive art direction of this independent game instantly charmed Joel who was able to transpose his poetic universe in a very natural way through the conception of the film. As a great storyteller, he was able to infuse this trailer with suspense and tension, both inherent to Endling.