Alexandre Nart


Alexandre Nart is a French talent whose heart has always teetered between his love of animation and illustration. Inspired by the 80’s and his favorite childhood cartoons, Mr. Nart creatively shakes up the cartoon style thanks to off-the-wall characters who evolve in a variety of naive and very likeable realms!

Fresh out of school in 2013, Nart directed the episode “Tribute Acts Harmless Fun” for Pitchfork, for which he conceived and created eccentric characters from the music industry, and which garnered solid international praise and renown.

His retro and super colorful artistic direction has since attracted big-name and trendy brands such as Ed Banger, as much as outfits such as the BBC, Ubisoft, and Square Space for whom he recounted Nate Robinson’s journey with the legendary New York Knicks. Passion has been encouraging, supporting, and developing his off-beat and psychedelic style for nearly 3 years!