Gorillaz ‘Clint Eastwood’

Billboard Music Video Awards 2001 - Best Modern Rock New Artist, Best Rap/Hip Hop New Artist, Maximum Vision Award
Q Awards 2001 - Best Music Video
Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2001 - Best Music Video
Los Angeles Animation Celebration 2001 - Best Animated Video (second place)
British Animation Awards 2002 - Best Music Video


Jamie Hewlett / Pete Candeland

Record Company




Clint Eastwood was the first single to be released on Gorillaz’ debut album in 2001 and was the Rolling Stone magazine ranked it as number 38 on its list of 100 best songs of the 2000s. This release marked the start of Gorillaz' extraordinary impact on popular culture and public consciousness, and although co-creators Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn originally viewed the virtual band as a one-time statement against the banality of the pop music being mass produced for MTV coverage – the heart and soul of these four fictional band members struck a note with a public looking for that same authenticity – and they soon demanded more.