In effort to spread awareness about energy concerns in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, Hornet Director Yves Geleyn teamed up with MacLAREN McCANN to tell the charming story of how a local man and his dog discovered a way to conserve electricity.
Combating the chilly weather, the hero — much like 65% of the population in New Brunswick — cranks up his electric baseboard heaters first thing in the morning. The neighborhood shortly follows suit, summoning an onslaught of electric current that pumps throughout the town and spikes meter readings.
“The message is a serious one, but we had a lot of fun developing the arc of this story and the people in it — the length made it feel like directing a short film, which was also really satisfying” commented Geleyn.
The anecdotal tale uses a jewel toned palette and simple but strong character design with graphic 2D illustration. The :90 video is also the jumping off point for a more robust, cross platform effort for New Brunswick Power, encouraging residents to rethink their energy use.