Valère Amirault is a French director, born in 1986 and living in Paris. After finishing his animation degree at Supinfocom, his graduation film, 8BITS, is short-listed to several festivals and awarded multiple times, notedly at Sundance International Festival.
After having worked both in London and New York, he comes back to France in 2012 where he works as a supervisor and 3D animator. In 2016 he releases his second short-film « Symphony of Two Minds » that launches his director's career.

He also is a founding member of the collective « Chemical Bouillon » that directs videos and live performances mixing together art and chemistry (M tour, Oxmo Puccino, villa Médicis ...). After 2018 he develops a new animation style, blending 2D animation and 3D, more adapted to independent productions. His style playfully combines Japanese animation influences and auteur films.
Versatile and resourceful, he never stops breaking the constraints that come with animation to better develop his creative vision.

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