Antoine & Mathilde are a duo of young directors and illustrators based in Paris. Both graduated from the Gobelins animation school of Paris where they met. They took their first steps into artistic direction with their opening credits for the Annecy Festival in 2017: “The White Snake” (2017).

Their poetic imagination feeds their sensitivity and mutual appreciation for fashion, Asian cultures and fantastical stories, resulting in a sweet and sour collaborative body of work. Parallel to working together, Antoine has a keen interest in fashion, graphic arts and print.

Working with the clothing brand Walk In Paris he tries his hand at poster illustration, mixing shapes, textures and typography. Mathilde, who is fascinated by the art of storytelling, takes a special interest in writing, music and dance, but film making is where she truly expresses herself.

In 2019, Antoine & Mathilde accomplish their plan to direct their first short-film: “Un Diable dans la Poche”, which is currently nominated for the 2020 Annie Awards and Berlinale International Film Festival.

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