An enthusiast of various animation genres - from 1950s cartoons to manga – this young Frenchman describes himself as a “design magpie” who finds inspiration in boundless styles and aesthetics.

A talented and versatile illustrator, Jack’s long-running and much-loved series of TV spots for Cofidis continues to go from strength to strength.
He has also recently directed a series of films for the Sosh campaign, working with both puppets and 2D animation.

He is, however, also adept at telling sensitive stories, as can be seen in his beautiful films for charities Collectif Urgence Darfour and Born HIV Free. Amongst his latest work is the critically acclaimed spot for Ray-Ban Havana and a short trip around the world in a spot for Veolia.

His most recent clip « The Rest of My Days » for the mysterious artist S+C+A+R+R, has been nominated for multiple festivals like the Berlin Music Video Awards, Annecy and Pictoplasma.

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