Olivier Staphylas


Olivier Staphylas is an experienced filmmaker and director, renowned for his meticulous attention to quality and crafting compelling as well as comedic performances in animation.

For more than 16 years, he has been innovating and leading animation teams worldwide, notably for Dreamworks where he helped to develop the dragon characters for the Oscar-nominated HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, supervised and animated the lead character « Puss » for the Oscar nominated PUSS IN BOOTS and worked as Head of Character Animation for THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR.

Olivier is now focusing his industry expertise and creative insight towards directing. His debut film, the music video for “Love Louder” by the MEEPS, made in collaboration with Simon Fuller, is an amazing display of how he can bring to life fun-loving characters with subtle, dynamic animations into a pop colorful world. The MV was released in February 2023 and garnered more than 35 million views in its first month on Youtube. He is currently developing a feature film with Sony Pictures Animation, several TV projects, and is also really excited at the idea of directing shorter formats such as commercials!