Rollin’ Wild Safari Montage


Kyra & Constantin

Kyra and Constantin have mastered the art of creating imaginative animal (or animal-like) characters that have come to distinguish the pair’s unmistakable style. ‘Rollin’ Wild’ is a personal project in which they devised a series of bloated wild animals in their natural environments. This original and highly amusing take on wildlife went viral on the internet, becoming a YouTube sensation, and inspiring an online store where fans could buy t-shirts, mobile phone cases and other merchandise.

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Our Coronavirus Response

As lockdown eases, we will continue to follow expert advice as it is released to make sure we respond in a safe and responsible way. Our first priority remains the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and the people we work with. Passion is open to new opportunities and we’re here to meet our clients’ needs. Our robust remote systems continue to allow us to run productions with no impact on output or efficiency. You can get hold of us all on all of the usual phone numbers and emails, for new enquiries email