Honest Tea ‘Small Decision, BIG Impact’


Anna Mantzaris, Mark Waring


Partners & Spade


Honest Tea

Mark Waring and Anna Mantzaris,have collaborated on a whimsical yet beautifully crafted short for Honest Tea. Encouraging people to look at the impact of the decisions we make every day, the film shows how small actions can add up to big, impactful, inspiring things. Animated in stop motion, the film captures the lush textures and tactile surfaces of a handmade world. To match the natural ethos of Honest, the sets and puppets are all made of natural things – felt, card, paper, wool, cotton and wood. The film places a Mom at the centre of the story and shows all of the big (and positive) impacts her choice of Honest Tea can have from reducing sugar in her children’s diet to the farmers getting a fair wage for the ingredients that Honest use.