Erste Group ‘The Composer’

Directed by: Kyra & Constantin
Produced by: Anna Cunnington

Team: Ferran Casas, Panot Studio, Sade Tah, Katie Harris, David Watson, Kim Nguyen, Christina Conradi, Heidi Smith. Alexei Nechytaylo, Tristan Menard, Kingsley Bailey, Antoine Lienard, Corentin Yvergniaux , Marco Hakenjos, Oscar Malet, Natalia Freitas, Stuart Turnbull, Darren Cullis, Sarah Forest, Natalia Freitas, Colin Perrett, Tyler Daniells, Jamie Moller, Farido Guzzo, Keyvan Leriche, Eoin Coughlan, Kwai Ip, Darlene Buttner, Adrian Russell, Thomas Lemaille, Stu Hall, Flavio Kawamoto, Sam Meisels, Samuel Klughertz, Dan Lambert, Debbie Crosscup, Mike Turoff, Jason Nicholas, Dave Walker.


Kyra & Constantin


Erste Group


Jung von Matt/DONAU



Directed by Kyra & Constantin, Edgar's Christmas is the third year the duo have created a moving Christmas film for Erste Group. In the pandemic year, isolation and the stories of the elderly have been close to our hearts. The character of Edgar that Krya & Constantin have created proves that looks can be deceiving. We’ve all got a story worth telling and thanks to Marie’s kindness and persistence, Edgar reconnects to his passions and his past. The film is set to a score by Mcasso Music.

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