Tjoff Koong Studios is the stage name of Royal College of Art graduates and (as far as they know) the only Korean-Swedish director duo (in Britain), they are Tezo Kyungdon Lee and Magnus Lenneskog - illustrator and graphic designer turned animators after having met during a BA at Central Saint Martins. Their 2015 graduation films have been screened at numerous festivals with positive response, amongst them - Tezo's 'Phantom Clouds' at Zagreb Animation Festival and Magnus' 'Stockholm 6' at the Edinburgh Film Festival; rendering a nomination for the Malcolm McLaren award.

Since graduation they have set up studio in east London and worked on such various projects as art directing a scarf and robe launch at the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard (including designing their prints), illustrated t-shirt designs for the Tate and animated a music video with a rabbit in it.

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