Ugo Bienvenu and Mehdi Alavi unite in an original creative duo to explore new edges of the CG art.

Mehdi is a skilled and talented CG artist. He is capable of solving highly technical questions as well as bringing a very unique and original style to a varied panel of creations.

Beyond 2D animation, Ugo has built an impressively fecund artistic career which includes publishing successful comic books, creating illustrations for luxury brands like Hermès, Thierry Mugler, Holiday Boileau, or directing hyper-realistic CGI images and much more.

His curiosity for visual arts of all genres is a the root of his boundless talent, revealed by his honest and masterful style which he applies to a variety of forms.

Bienvenu Alavi is the fertile encounter of their two minds, prolific content creators and makers : a raw and brutal honesty to dramatically enhance the visual arts being brought to life.

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