Winter On Fire

A Netflix, Afineevsky-Tolmor Production, UkrStream. TV and SPN Production, in association with Passion Pictures, Campbell Grobman Films and Rock Paper Scissors Entertainment

Premiere: Venice International Film Festival 2015

AWARDS: Nominated: Academy Award Best Documentary 2016 | Winner: People’s Choice Award, Toronto Film Festival 2015

Director | Producer

Evgeny Afineevsky

Writer | Producer

Den Tolmor

Executive Producers

John Battsek | Christa Campbell | Adam Del Deo | Lati Grobman | Lisa Nishimura | Angus Wall


Will Znidaric


Jasha Klebe

WINTER ON FIRE covers the unrest in Ukraine over 93 days in 2013 and 2014, as student demonstrations supporting European integration grew into a violent revolution calling for the resignation of President Viktor F. Yanukovich. The film includes interviews with protestors, activists, journalists, medical workers, artists and clergy representing multiple generations, social classes, nationalities and faiths, including a 12-year-old volunteer. WINTER ON FIRE documents the fight of Ukranian protestors who stood their ground in the face of bloodshed, despair and harsh conditions.

“People get beaten and shot on camera — and occasionally die — in this mesmerizing portrait of protest and crackdown, seen not through the lens of politics, but through the prism of the personal.”

“The view from the trenches of a political uprising… “Winter on Fire” captures the idealism and bravery of the Ukrainians who gathered in Maidan Square. But most of what you see and hear consists of ground-level, in-the-moment acts of witness. The cameras are at the side of the demonstrators and in the path of phalanxes of riot police. Modern technology may not yet be able to capture the smell of gunpowder and tear gas, but Mr. Afineevsky takes the viewer closer to the action than might have seemed possible.”

“A good documentary will shed light on an event you may have otherwise not known much about, a great documentary will make you feel it too. Watching these Ukrainian citizens stand together and find ways to fight back against such brutality — it’s really inspiring stuff.”