We Are The Giant

Produced by Passion Pictures as a co-production with Motto Pictures for Corniche, Bertha Foundation and Screen Pass Pictures

Premiere: Sundance Film Festival 2014

Producer | Director

Greg Barker


John Battsek | Julie Goldman

Co Producer

Razan Ghalayini


Joshua Altman


Phillip Sheppard

WE ARE THE GIANT tells the gripping stories of ordinary individuals who are transformed by the critical moral and personal challenges they encounter when standing up for what they believe is right. Powerful, tragic and yet ultimately inspirational, their struggles for freedom echo across history, and offer hope against seemingly impossible odds.

“A devastating marvel…bursts at the seams with extraordinary feats of perseverance and selflessness. WE ARE THE GIANT is both vital and devastating, with raw material conveyed through elegant construction.”

"...a pungent and hard-hitting look at the events across Arabia in December 2010. A worthy companion piece to The Square."

“The rather abstract and complex subject of the Arab Spring is given a human face -- or, more correctly, a handful of articulate talking heads -- in the slickly assembled We Are the Giant… Apart from the compelling and fluidly told stories of the struggle of individuals with a much more powerful entity, the state, what one takes away…is that the Arab Spring means something different for each individual but that the uprisings are rooted in a general desire for change and fairness that would allow room for all voices to be heard. Barker here offers a courageous few as a starting point.”