Touching The Wild


David Allen


Gaby Bastyra

A Passion Planet production for PBS.
Joe Hutto’s research is anything but normal, he is dedicating seven years of his life to become a wild deer. The herd of mule deer should run from any human, but incredibly, these keenly intelligent animals have accepted this stranger as one of them. He walks amongst them; he is even groomed by them, and can lie with a pregnant doe talking to its unborn fawn. He is slowly being accepted into deer society, and as he crosses the species divide, the captivating joy this man feels for his new family is nothing short of infectious. But this human predator is also learning to see the world from the point of view of prey, and it’s an experience that will ultimately rock him to his very core, sending him running back to his own kind.

Best Editing
2014 International Wildlife Film Festival

Best Mountain Environment and Natural History Film
2014 Banff Mountain Film Festival