My Kid Could Paint That

An Axis Films Production in Association with Passion Pictures
Released theatrically by Sony Classics

Premiere: Sundance Film Festival 2008

Director | Producer

Amir Bar-Lev


Stephen Dunn

Executive Producer

John Battsek

Marla Olmstead was hailed as a prodigy at 4 years-old when her paintings - compared to Kandinsky, Pollock and even Picasso - started selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. When Marla sprang to fame her parents were sucked into the media frenzy, before being halted in their tracks by a '60 Minutes' piece which cast doubt over the authenticity of her paintings and the integrity of the family. In the face of the notoriety and backlash - which included personal assaults and threats - the family turned to director Amir Bar Lev to exonerate them. Is Marla a genius of abstract expressionism, a tiny charlatan, or an exploited child whose parents have sold her out for the glare of the media and the lure of the almighty dollar?

"A fascinating subject handled with intelligently provocative striking in its craftsmanship as in potent subject matter, “My Kid” has been put together with imagination and skill."

"....effortlessly entertaining documentary...does a rock-solid and entirely admirable job of dancing on both sides of the fence. Seeds of doubt are immediately followed by thoroughly convincing arguments, and those are promptly interrupted by more nagging questions. It might sound like a frustrating little experience, but “My Kid” gets exponentially more entertaining as each successive question and contradiction is offered."

“One of the best documentaries of this or any other year...The best movie I’ve seen all year... It’s a thriller. It’s an absolute thriller.”