In The Shadow Of The Moon

A DOX Productions in Association with Passion Pictures for Discovery Films

Premiere: Sundance Film Festival 2007

AWARDS: Winner: Audience Award, Sundance Film Festival 2007 | Winner: Florida Film Festival Audience Award 2007 | Winner: Best Documentary, Kansas City Film Circle Award 2007 | National Board of Review, One of Best Five Documentaries 2007


David Sington


Duncan Copp

Executive Producers

John Battsek | Julie Goldman | Simon Andreae

Today there are seven billion humans on planet Earth, nine of whom have walked on another world. In their own words, this is the story of the men who journeyed to, and walked on, the moon. One of the defining passages of American history, the Apollo Space Program literally brought the aspirations of a nation to another world: visually stunning original NASA film footage - much of it never seen before - is interwoven with riveting firsthand testimony to provide an unparalleled perspective on the fragile state of our planet.

"An enthralling film made with intelligence and emotion, "Shadow" uses long- unseen NASA footage and lively and candid astronaut interviews to make the story of going to the moon especially compelling"

"... an intimate epic, which vividly communicates the daring and the danger, the pride and the passion, of this extraordinary era in American history....[with] a striking immediacy to many dramatic scenes."

"....a feel-good flick that recounts the gutsy glory of the Apollo space missions .... a grand success in conveying the magnitude of NASA's achievement... ‘Shadow’ has a surprising Rocky-like vibe. The most compelling shots in the movie, and some of the most thrilling footage in any recent film, capture the approach of Apollo 11's lunar module to the moon, which seems an almost absurdly dangerous expedition. Unlike other prominent documentaries about U.S. culture and politics...’Shadow’ is a feel-good American movie: a uniter, not a divider..."