Forever Pure

A Duckin' & Divin' Films, Maya Films, Passion Pictures, Roads Entertainment and Piraya Film AS co production.

International Premiere: Toronto Film Festival 2016

AWARDS: Winner: The Van Leer Award for Best Director of a Documentary | Winner: The Haggiag Award Best Editing | The Jewish Experience Awards (Honourable Mention) - Jerusalem Film Festival 2016

Director | Producer

Maya Zinshtein


Geoff Arbourne

Executive Producers

John Battsek | Nicole Stott


Justine Wright | Noam Amit

In January 2013 a historic transfer deal transported two Muslim players into the heart of Israel, Beitar Jerusalem F.C. One season and one football team in crisis, and behind the story lurks the money and power that will send the club spiralling out of control.

“Compelling and unsettling as the events at Beitar Jerusalem FC are, what elevates the film is the relationship between the club’s fan base and mainstream politics…Beitar Jerusalem’s meltdown holds up a mirror to the wider society. And what it reveals is not pretty.”

"We present an Honorable Mention in the Jewish Experience category to "Forever Pure" by Maya Zinshtein. Her courageous and disturbing first film documents the destructive powers of hatred and incitement, as they threaten Jewish and democratic values in contemporary Israel.”