Final Account

  • Director

    Luke Holland

  • Produced By

    John Battsek, Luke Holland, Riete Oord

  • Executive Producers

    Andrew Ruhemann, Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann & Clare Aguilar

  • Editor

    Stefan Ronowicz

Premiere: Venice Film Festival September 2nd 2020

Filmmaker Luke Holland interviews elderly perpetrators and witnesses of the Holocaust from the Nazi side- Everyday citizens who carried out the plans made by the architects of mass-scale genocide. These were the young men and women, who became SS members, Wehrmacht fighters, concentration camp guards and silent civilian witnesses. More than a decade and more than 250 interviews later, Holland has created Final Account, a raw and urgent document that reflects, in the most direct and personal way, on the question of how otherwise ordinary, aspirational human beings took part in one of the most extraordinary of all human crimes. Holland mixes in-depth witness statements, previously unseen archival material and haunting current-day footage, what comes to the fore is a portrait of how rapidly moral norms can evaporate and how myths and denial can fill the vacuum. Final Account reverberates with themes of our times— examining the perils of authority, conformity, national identity and ideological mythmaking; and laying bare both the dark fog and piercing clarity of human memory.

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