Earth A New Wild

A Passion Planet and PBS production for National Geographic

AWARDS: Winner: Best Environmental and Conservation Sciences Program, Jackson Hole Science Media Awards 2014 | Winner: Best Human-Wildlife Interactions, International Wildlife Film Festival 2015, Best Series - Wildscreen Film Festival 2016

Series Producer

David Allen


Nicolas Brown | Matthew Dyas

EARTH: A NEW WILD uses advanced filming techniques to provide visuals as stunning as the best natural history programs but unlike most nature films, this series turns the cameras around, to show the world as it really is - with humans in the picture. Dr. M. Sanjayan takes us to the frontiers of where man and animal meet, and here he discovers how our relationship with the greatest natural history events on the planet are intimately connected to us humans; a relationship that can provide a key to preserving our present and saving our future existence.

“National Geographic Television (in association with Passion Planet) has produced its most important cinematic legacy. EARTH: A NEW WILD is to be savored and watched countless times. This epoch series brings new meaning to why we are alive and how precious our relationship is to nature. To embrace life on this planet you have to understand the symbiotic connectivity we share. All human beings derive sustenance, pleasure, curiosity, and well being from its very essence. Get ready for one of the greatest cinematic experiences.”

“I was blown away by Planet Earth, The inclusion of humans doesn’t make it any less magnificent. In some ways, it makes it more exciting, as when show host M. Sanjayan furiously scrambles off a forest log to avoid encountering a charging wild panda. Or when the team interviews Bangladeshi villagers whose family members have been eaten by tigers. Of course these animals are beautiful, but they are also wild, and this is real life.”

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