IKEA Museum ‘Textile Playground’



For IKEA Museum’s 'Textile Playground' Strange Beast directors PJADAD created a playful and interactive exhibition that encouraged visitor interaction and creativity at every stage of the user journey. Combining touch screen applications, realtime projection systems and custom web and app integration, PJADAD designed and produced a visitor experience that was tactile, reactive and used technology to highlight IKEAs textile design heritage and commitment to future technologies and sustainability.

Guests were able to browse through IKEA’s back catalogue of historical textile designs on a touch screen and select patterns to be projected onto IKEA furniture to bring the archive to life – they could also design their own pattern either at the exhibition or online, and see their own textile designs projected onto the furniture in realtime. Younger visitors could participate with a unique design interface that created designs by rolling coloured balls around, again with the result projected onto a piece of fabric at the end of the experience.