Asos 1/1

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As part of the ASOS SS15 launch, Strange Beast directors Flat-e created an 11 metre long interactive light installation to engage influential press in a way that illustrated ASOS’s commitment to digital innovation. The installation enabled each visitor to create their own bespoke piece of artwork, re-mixing shapes colours and sounds according to their tastes and mood; a creative interpretation of ASOS’s new online personal stylist service.

Each generated pattern became a one-of-a-kind visual, and the finished designs were printed in realtime, allowing each visitor to walk away with a unique piece of art that they had created at the press event. The automated user experience was frictionless from start to finish and the final products were archival quality Giclée prints, printed, stamped and numbered and collected by guests as they finished viewing the collection.

User selected selected on an iPad were processed using a specially written algorithm to always generate great looking results.